Book Club Questions

 Here are some questions to stimulate discussion 
on "Dancing in the Shadows of Love."

Feel free to email me with any questions of your own 

1.      Do you recognise which of Shakespeare’s plays the quotes at the beginning of each chapter are from?

2.      What is the significance of the quote that begins the last chapter?

3.      Who or what do you think Enoch represents? Why does the old chauffeur, Elijah, call him Master?

4.      What does the small round scar on Lulu’s hand represent? What does the scene when she first got the scar symbolise? What other symbols do you recognise? How do they add meaning to your interpretation of the text? Look at the tab above for more information on the symbols used throughout the story.

5.      Zahra watches the old chauffeur ritualistically don his uniform. What is he in fact doing?

6.      What do you think a Pale One is? Could it mean anything else?

7.      What types of love does Lulu progress though during the story? Do the other characters progress through a similar growth in how they perceive love?

8.      How do the characters’ memories affect their perceptions?

9.      Why does Enoch emphasise the fact that the actions of ordinary people are as important as those of national heroes?

10.  Why does Zahra still visit her father in the clinic? Why does she hate Little Flower so much?

11.   What is The War? When does it end?

12.  Look up the meanings of the names of the main characters on the tab above. What do their names tell you about them?

13.  How is the perception of self and others important? For example, is Lulu’s perception of Jamila the same as the perception Jamila has of herself? Do perceptions change?  Do you feel the same about Zahra at the end of the story as you did at the beginning? How and why did your perception change?

14.  Between Lulu, Jamila and Zahra, who is really kind and who just thinks they are kind? Why do you think this happens?

15.  Does the relationship between Zahra and her employees change between her past and her present? What do you think causes this change to occur?

16. How do the dream sequences with the old healer woman and the inn keeper mirror the choices and lives of Zahra and Lulu?