Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Final Dance

Much as I love Wenkidu's original artwork "Man and the World of Stars", and as much as I love the first cover created using it, the multi-talented Michelle Davidson Argyle has surpassed her first cover with a second offering that took my breath away:

This is the second sample cover for DANCING IN THE SHADOWS OF LOVE – it’s a more  commercial, but it's still different and, in a way, reflects my writing style better.

The first new cover Michelle designed is bold, striking, exotic and stunning. While this cover is also unusual and striking, it's different in a more subtle, intriguing, gentle and ethereal way. 

I also love the veiled mirror reflection of the woman, suggesting “two faces”  (two sides) to everything.  As each of the characters in the story have to find the real person behind the masks they wear, this watersplashes mask on the woman's face  and the veiled reflection hint at the story.

The more I looked at this cover sample, the more it talked to me – thinking of the reviews to date of my book, my writing comes across as lyrical, mystical and gentle rather than big and bold. The soft and mysterious watersplash mask cover definitely taps into that energy.

So...this is it! The final cover for DANCING IN THE SHADOWS OF LOVE. I'm so relieved, because, while I have no expectations that the cover will suddenly turn the book into an overnight best seller, I can now put the book to rest knowing that it has the perfect cover.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A New Dance: Take 1

Exciting news for my novel DANCING IN THE SHADOWS OF LOVE!

I'm working with the multi-talented Michelle Davidson Argyle on a new cover for Dancing in the Shadows of Love.

Here's the first new mock-up, using the original cover's artwork:

Brilliant, isn't it? What do you think?